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Response to "How to start a new country"

    By Elijah Low This article is in response to “How to start a new country” by Balaji S. Srinivasan. The premise of the paper is to postulate what it would be like to start a new country starting from a blank slate and without historical constraints and proposes a cloud country starting with digital before going physical. I believe that technology should support an aspiration. I think the application of this idea goes beyond starting a new cloud country and many good applications can come from this dream that could help existing countries reform into a 2.0 version of their country.   Why start a new country?   If we could dream big without historical constraints, what would be the most magnificent, aspirational dream of a country we could have? We first need to figure out the end goal or the purpose of a country? We can stack technology to achieve a cloud country but the purpose of the cloud country needs to be aspirational and that aspi